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Cordelia Foundation
for the Rehabilitation of  Torture Victims

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Therapeutic Activities

The Cordelia Foundation is involved in two key areas work with survivors of torture living in asylum seeker reception centres in Hungary: therapeutic services and policy change, training and awareness.

The therapeutic services are provided by a specialist team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers who provide rehabilitation services for clients based in the centres. These services include:

  • Mobile Medical Assessment and Care Unit
  • Medico-legal report preparation where required for clients in order to confirm allegations of torture.
  • Family and Child Therapy Sessions, Relationship counselling, Movement/Relaxation & Art Therapy
  • Client advocacy, mediation and social work services.


Training and Awareness

Cordelia Foundation is also involved in training and awareness raising campaigns: this involves working closely with statutory authorities such as the border guard staff and social workers based in reception centres providing training and supervision for people working directly with survivors of torture.

The medical team publish research and relevant articles on a regular basis highlighting new methodologies for working with survivors of torture, while the Administrative team organise poster campaigns, exhibitions and public events such as UN Day in Support of Victims of Torture that highlight the issue of torture to the general public.

Finally, the Foundation also organises international seminars and conferences on project management and integration initiatives in collaboration with other similar centres in Poland, Greece and Croatia.