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Cordelia Foundation
for the Rehabilitation of  Torture Victims

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Therapeutic methods

Individual psychotherapies

Individual psychotherapies are based on „insight therapies”. A cognitive therapeutic model, REBT (Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy – by Albert Ellis) is also used by the psychologist of the Foundation as well as „mother-child onespace therapy” (two therapists in one room: one deals with the mother – verbally, the other is treating the child –nonverbally, after a session they change places and methods for the mother’s nonverbal therapeutic and the child’s verbal therapeutic interventions).


„Group- „ and „Peer supervision” are used with the members of Cordelia Foundation and with the governmental staff in charge of the refugees – eligibility officers and nurses, social workers of the refugee shelters.

Therapeutic group work

The therapeutic group work is always paralelled with the culture of the clients using several elements from the classical „communication moving therapy” – using the elements of art and moving –, through the „station group therapy” – using psychodrama elements if the trauma has happened recently – to the „symbol group therapy” – using archaic, archetypic symbols of the psychological history of the mankind and of the patient.

New therapeutic group methods have been elaborated with patients suffering of uprooting and torture experiences: „Dynamic Examination of Drawings” – it follows the progress of the patient in the therapeutic process with a serial of drawings – and „Somato-therapy” with its direct contact exercises.